Free Covid-19 tests and results in 90 minutes at Abu Dhabi Airport

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There is a new 24-hour operational facility at the Abu Dhabi Airport for carrying out free rapid tests for Covid-19 for all passengers arriving in the country.
The airport is equipped with an in-house laboratory that will provide results in about 90 minutes, one of the fastest in circulation.
Passengers arriving at Abu Dhabi Airport must present a paper copy of the test which must be negative and will undergo a further test on arrival and will receive the results via text message or Whatsapp.

Another demonstration testifying to the region’s commitment to contain the virus, for the safety of all and to curb the spread of Covid-19.

But containing the virus is not just a task for the Government or authorities, but for every single citizen.
This is why it is important to always wear the mask in public and comply with the regulations for the containment of Covid.

According to the regulations, the following people are exempt from wearing the mask:

– People with severe disabilities
– People with breathing difficulties
– Children under two years of age.
However, it will obviously be possible to temporarily remove the mask from the doctor, while eating or drinking in a public place, while playing sports (alone and keeping the distance) outside, in the car with household member or alone, on your workplace (if you work alone).

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