Dubai: the most extraordinary city in the world

We have often heard that Dubai is one of the most extraordinary city in the world.
That is because of the magical desert landscapes, the tallest record buildings in the world, and islands in the shape of continents… obviously all man-made.
Dubai reflects the future, with cutting-edge technologies such as the Hyperloop, highly coveted projects such as the Expo 2020 (postponed to this year due to Covid-19).
A splendid city from every point of view, both for those who live there and for those who visit.

Dubai: theme parks and resorts, shopping, oriental culture, food from all over the world

If you love fun, Dubai will surely have the Theme Park for you … or the whole family!
IMG Worlds of Adventure with rides and attractions, Hollywood-inspired with the MotionGate Dubai, Legoland will bring family fun with little bricks! And then Bollywood Theme Park for Bollywood cinema lovers and VR Park for virtual reality fun. But if you are looking for something spicy and luxurious… well check for the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is a mostly indoors park in Abu Dhabi, It is the first Ferrari-branded theme park!

If on the other hand you have a passion for shopping… Dubai has many areas in which to shop, many MANY malls!

dubai shopping

And we’re not just talking about small souvenirs you can take home!
From technology to fashion, passing through gold and jewels, Dubai has excellent competitive prices especially for the goods that are considered luxury.

Not just “fun and shopping”

It must be said, however, that Dubai is not just “fun and shopping”. It also has a great culture in which you can immerse yourself to discover its different facets.
Arab hospitality is as warm as the environment that surrounds the city, with a lot of art: the calligraphic art, the artistic elaborates with decorations that use geometric Islamic styles, marvelous Mosques, as well as Arabic poetry and traditional sports including falconry and camel racing (yes, camel!).

Last but not least you can visit the “historical” part of the city: Dubai Creek a neighborhood with traditional villages immersed in the very tall modern towers, between clubs and gardens.
And if after all this travel-and-visit you got a little hungry, you will find refreshment and sweetness in the famous Dates of Bateel, meaty and sugars.
For dinner you can have a taste of Hummus with Falafels… but hey!, looking around you can dine with delicacies from all over the globe: in fact in Dubai you will find any type of cuisine from the world!

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