Are you Pivoting? Retail after COVID

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Along the lines of our latest news on the UN reporting, both Switzerland and UAE have attained superiority in their readiness to e-Commerce at a national and a global scale. The region has experienced a 5-fold turnover in the electronic trading space in the last 5 years, and it is set to still double within the next 4 and a bit. Impressive figures.

Which begs the question: where are you, and where do you think your business should be to face this tsunami against traditional forms of supply chain? Niranjan Gidwani, Director of Eros Group was asked this question. Here is his answer.

“Once the pandemic effect eases, it can be safely assessed that many physical stores may return to decent growth over the coming years. Dubai and the UAE will continue to remain a tourist paradise. It’s probable that a revenge-spending phase will come, though no one can predict accurately as to when this will happen, and to which categories. Hopefully, there will not be too many more waves and variants of the virus to compound UAE’s and the world’s economic woes.”

He further considers that the time is now for both retailers, as well as upcoming and start-up platforms, to claim a foothold in the e-commerce space and learn from the well published experiences of others towards a more direct path to success.

Yes for them, but I cannot do it?

Doubtless, a retailer of his size and focused exclusively in the consumer electronics sector has both a harder, and a more straightforward strategy to e-commerce. But could that also be true to a whole host of other industries? Even more B2B oriented ones? And what would that look like?

While it is easy and cheap to blame management on the lack of preparation in the retail and F&B sectors, the reality is that these industries are extremely labour intensive, plagued by evolving regulations, often play on the “optional purchase” segment of expenditures and, perhaps hardest of all, deal with cash payments for small amounts at huge volumes. Certainly not the best atmosphere to carefully consider the global socio-economic tides in the face of a revolutionary form of business, and global pandemic… However, it’s not terribly hard, time consuming or expensive to catch up.

There are plenty of Open Source vehicles for you to use. Programmers natural laziness have managed to come up with incredible automation tools that are, for the most part, free to acquire, cheap to implement, easy to use and with accessible learning curves. You need only ask us to know a bit more.

Dubai Start is the reference facilitator to begin or expand trading operations in the Middle East. Contact us for a consultation on how to turn your idea into reality.

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