UAE is ready for B2C. The region is too

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According to the latest UN report, the UAE is the most prepared country for B2C e-commerce. Kearney Middle East, the global Management Consultancy, predicts that the sector is poised to double by 2025, reaching a market value of $50 billion, up from the current $24 billion today.

Globally, Switzerland claimed top spot, unseating the Netherlands at the top of UNCTAD’s B2C E-Commerce Index 2020, which ranks 152 countries in their capabilities to engage in online commerce.

While Europe remains as the most prepared region, the trend towards this form of trading in the Middle East has only been reinforced by the COVID19 pandemic. After establishing a foothold in the logistics and maritime route segment, Dubai continues to expand its relevance as a commercial hub in the region. New e-commerce platforms, along with established ones, compete to maintain a clean space and a bustling sector.

Establishing an E-Commerce in UAE

It may not come as a surprise, but it ain’t easy to launch an e-commerce website.
Coding knowledge and professional’s availability may seem commonplace, but the travel and meeting restrictions due to COVID has made access to these services an online alternative alone. However, the same thing that made the usual business practices difficult, has turned the user into an online buyer animal. Perfect storm to force business into the digital space. And not just the social part, but the trading part as well. And yet, the ecommerce seems costly, hard to put in place, difficult to define and even more difficult to convey to the programmer. And our knowledge tends to be so limited we have a hard time devising best practices. Plus, we have learned the value of flexibility in our traditional business model, how can we navigate to offer the same online?

Once decided this is your path forward, the next step is finding the provider. And in here we find such disparity of offers, such demands for attention, so many different services, options possibilities, that the list of wants and needs you started with is now a mix and match of vendors, sales calls, follow ups, service tickets and endless confusion. All the while, the delivery date keeps pushing forward. Zoom fatigue is a thing these days. Does it need to be like this? Yes. And No. Not really. Dubai Start is helping customers from first step to gateway implementation. But we do it differently. Everybody says that? True. However, in our case we have launched our own ecommerce platforms. We have made a lot of mistakes. We have dealt with many solutions. To the point that we are more interested in what you want to be, than how you want it to be done. We make your vision ours and we fight to keep that vision intact.

And the commercial license landscape is reacting to this transformation. The UAE did some major changes in the last few years. Among these we can count specific licenses for online sales and online activities, Dubai Virtual Commerce City, and plenty of payment integration with local banks or online financial institutions. Tools, means and clientele. Cards are on the table: what’s your next move?

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