Saudi Arabia looking to Automate

In the mist of a technological and industrial revolution, Saudi Arabia looks to implement Intelligent automation. As per a new research from Automation Anywhere, the policy may double the economy of Saudi Arabia to $1.6 trillion. The report quantifies a few KPI’s including speeding up the digital transformation both in the public and private sectors, training in digital skills and support of technological startups.

“The economic disruption of Covid-19 caused a temporary slowdown. However, our customers have used this opportunity to accelerate their digital transformation journey and made their business more resilient with our award-winning cloud RPA [robotic process automation] platform,” said Milan Sheth, executive vice-president, for IMEA at Automation Anywhere. “We agree with the projections of the report and strongly believe that intelligent automation is the first step in a digital-first mindset and has the potential to act as a key lever in realising Saudi Vision 2030 goals to diversify the economy and build the skills of the future.”

Saudi Arabia has an opportunity to drive technology-led productivity through intelligent automation deployments. Intelligent automation is a combination of RPA and artificial intelligence to accelerate digital transformation, says Results of the Saudi Arabia: Showing way to the world research from Ernst and Young.

As part of the Vision 2030 strategical framework, Saudi Arabia is preparing to jump to the forefront in technology and tourism while reducing the economy’s dependence on oil. These moves aim to diversify Saudi’s economy, and turn the foremost country in the GCC into a global power through technological developments in health, education, infrastructure and tourism.

Alain Penel, regional vice-president for the Middle East at Fortinet, said: “The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of innovative solutions to accommodate the need for social distancing while maintaining business operations. Technologies such as AI, ML and RPA are playing a crucial role in accelerating the current and unprecedented digital transformation efforts in the Kingdom. This is also paving the way for enabling entrepreneurship and innovation in the country.”

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